How to apply

A list of BEST courses is published on our international webpage four times a year. The application period usually last about one month, giving you plenty of time to evaluate your options and choosing the perfect course(s) for you. 

When you have figured out which course(s) you want to attend, you have to write an application for each of them. You are allowed to apply for a maximum of three courses each season, but you can only be accepted to one of them. Because of this limitation, you are asked to range your courses. Here, it is important that you put your preferred course first. 


Now, lets get back to actually writing the application. The application consist of two main elements; 

  1. A motivational letter
  2. Answer to questions

These are both important, so don´t be tempted to skip any one of them. 


In order to write a good application, it is wise to think about the reasons why you want to go to this course/city/country, what you want to gain from the course, and what the purpose of the course is. Having a look at the Survival Guide is recommended, as it might give you some good clues regarding the course and the people arranging it. Remember that the LBG might be reading through tens (sometimes hundreds) of applications – so try to make your application stand out!

Further, you must answer the questions given in the application text. There are 3 in total, 2 concerning the topic of the course and 1 random (allowing you to give an extra funny answer).


When it comes to the “formalities”  of the application, the following guidelines should be followed; 

  • Write in English (without misspellings)
  • Do not insert any links
  • Show who you are as a person; write about extracurricular activities, don´t write a replicate of your CV
  • Do not “copy-paste” motivational letters; make them unique instead
  • Do not write more than one A4-page
  • Show interest in the topic, country and city
  • Explain why your presence will make the course more awesome
  • Do not wait until the last minute to hand in (Better safe than sorry  😉 )