EBEC Challenge

European BEST Engineering Competition


When and where?

It is a local engineering competition, which is held at NTNU Gløshaugen campus. Follow us on Facebook and we will keep you updated when we are arranging this competition next!



Participants are both Norwegian and International engineering students, who compete in groups of five with each other. Participants can sign up as a team of up to five, or sign up single and let us arrange into five-person teams.



It is a one-day event with a practical design and a theoretical case study challenge. As the organising group, BEST Trondheim is facilitating food, logistics, promotion and overall event coordination. The cooperation with international companies, who design the competition tasks related to their field of work and feedback for the event has been positive from both companies and students alike. EBEC is an excellent opportunity for Norwegian and international students to closely interact with quality companies. The event ends with an award ceremony where the winning teams are announced and receive prizes.