LBG Trondheim

LBG Trondheim is one of Board of European Students of Technology’s 95 Local BEST Groups. We are located at NTNU Gløshaugen and currently have 25 active members from different study profiles. Among these are Petroleum & Geosciences, Mechanical engineering, and Informatics. Through continuous work and weekly meetings, we develop our skills within organisation, promotion, project management, fundraising, leadership, planning etc. But most importantly, we have a lot of fun!


BEST Trondheim organises an Academic Course each autumn, where around 27 students from Europe come to Trondheim. This is an opportunity to show international students Trondheim and the Norwegian culture in addition to promoting NTNU itself. Our last course was held in October 2016, concerning project management. The course was called “The Northern Project, and included a trip to beautiful Røros. Our next course will be held in October 2018 and will cover the topic sustainable energy. The chosen topic is in line with NTNU´s mission to create “Knowledgle of a better world” and will focus on renewable energy production, energy storage and sustainability.


Some participants from our courses are eager to return to Trondheim as a result of their experiences with us e.g. for ERASMUS. BEST Trondheim now has guest members from France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Denmark. These are students who have attended the courses created by BEST Trondheim in 2015 and 2016.


Through BEST Trondheim technology students from NTNU are able to attend BEST events all over Europe. In the same way that BEST Trondheim organises a course, so do all the other BEST groups located at their own university. We promotes these courses throughout the academic year, both on stand and on social media. The courses serve as 10-day experiences for students which help to motivate more students to apply for exchange abroad. Forvaltningsutvalget for sivilingeniørutdanningen (FUS) at NTNU view our promotion of academic courses as very important in keeping NTNU connected to Europe.